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ITB 23-001 - Station 172 DemolitionProposal Period: 11/20/2023 - 12/08/2023
Advertisement - Station 172 Demolition.pdfITB Demolition.pdfConstruction Contract for Demolition.pdf2023820_Sanibel Fire Station 172_ Arch and Civil Demo Plans_11.15.2023.pdf


RFP 23-001 Brush TruckProposal Period: 11/1/2023 - 12/4/2023 12PM
REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL_Brush Truck_SFRD 2023.pdfAddendum No1_RFP 23-001.pdfRFP 23-001_SFRD_Brush_Attachment1_Amended.pdf


Q & A (RFP 23-001) 

Can a vendor offer variations  other than the specifications outlined in RFP 23-001, Attachment 1 when submitting a proposal?
Thank you for your question regarding the potential for variations to the specifications outlined in Attachment 1 of RFP 23-001.

We understand that due to various factors, such as part availability or potential improvements in material quality, strict adherence to the original specifications may not always be feasible or may not represent the best value for our needs.

As such, the Sanibel Fire & Rescue District is open to considering alternative specifications. Proposals that offer variations from the specified requirements will not automatically disqualify a vendor. We are receptive to innovative solutions and materials that may exceed the quality and performance standards we have outlined, as well as accommodating necessary adjustments due to part availability.

However, it is important that any deviations from the specified requirements are detailed clearly in your proposal. This will allow our evaluation team to properly assess the merits of the proposed variations and ensure that they meet or exceed our operational needs and safety standards.

All vendors wishing to propose alternative specifications must provide:

  1. Detailed Descriptions: A comprehensive explanation of the proposed variation from the specified requirements.
  2. Justifications: The reasons for the deviation, including benefits, enhanced performance, or necessity due to availability.
  3. Compliance Confirmation: Assurance that the proposed variations will still meet the necessary safety and functional requirements, including any relevant certifications or standards.

Please ensure that all such deviations and justifications are included in your proposal submission for RFP 23-001. We encourage open communication and welcome any inquiries you may have during the preparation of your proposal.

Thank you for your interest in serving the Sanibel Fire & Rescue District.





RFP - Financial Audit ServicesProposal Period: Open 09/27/2023 - 10/27/2023 03:00PM

Addendum No.1 - Released 10/23/2023

Addendum No1_SFRD_Financial Auditor RFP.pdf




Station 172 - Architectural and Engineering Services - RFQ No. 001Proposal period: open 01/24/23 - 02/17/23 02:00PM

Addendum #1 - Released 02/02/2023

Addendum No 1.pdfPre-Proposal Conference Station 172.pdfAddendum No. 2_RFQ No. 001_Pre-Proposal Conference Meeting Minutes.PDFADDENDUM No 3_RFQ No 001.pdf