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Beach Campfire Permit 


Beach Campfire Permits allow residents and visitors the ability to enjoy campfires on the beach. Beach fires are allowed daily from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. with a permit. All campfires require a Beach Campfire Permit issued through Sanibel Fire & Rescue District.

Permits are only issued within the boundary limits of the City of Sanibel. Anything outside of these boundaries will be in violation of the Lee County of Florida Land Development Code Sec. 14-172, and any fines or fees assessed will be solely the permit holder’s responsibility.

Permits are only issued from November 1st thru February 14th each year. This ensures a safe nesting season for the local shorebirds and sea turtles that come to Sanibel Island.

Campfire Permit Fee: $60.00

Refundable Deposit Fee: $100.00

Payment is accepted in cash or check only.

Permit Authorization:

All Beach Campfire Permits are issued at Station 171 located at 2351 Palm Ridge Road Sanibel FL 33957. Individuals must come to the station to receive the approved permit.

Permits will only be issued to the individual who is present at the time of authorization.

A valid Photo ID, a lawful local and physical address, and a phone number are all required prior to receiving the permit.

The permit entitles the Applicant to burn only on the date and location stated on the permit and only for the reason stated, until midnight.

The Fire Marshal or Fire Chief are available Monday thru Thursday from 7 AM until noon, to approve Beach Campfire Permits. The public should call before arriving to ensure personnel is available to authorize the Beach Campfire Permit.

Permits are issued a maximum of 10 days prior to the date of the Beach Campfire Permit and a minimum of 2 days prior.

No permit will be issued on the same day of the burn.

Beach Campfire Permits are first come first serve. Permits are limited to staffing levels; in the event, we have to close permits on certain days we will advise the public when they contact the station.

The issuance of this campfire permit shall NOT be construed, to hold Sanibel Fire & Rescue District, in any way responsible or liable for any loss and/or damage that may be incurred on any persons or properties.

Any and all changes to the dates and/or location, listed on the application; any questions and/or considerations should be addressed with Sanibel Fire & Rescue District Fire Marshal or Fire Chief, during normal business hours, prior to the scheduled burn.

A Beach Campfire Permit may be revoked and/or refused at the discretion of any Sanibel Fire & Rescue District personnel and/or the Sanibel Police due to, but not limited to, weather conditions and/or any abuse of the “conditions and restrictions” of the issued Beach Campfire Permit.

Rules and Conditions for having a Beach Campfire:

The issuance of this campfire permit holds the person(applicant) named on the permit responsible for any loss and/or damage that may be incurred on any persons or properties.

It shall be unlawful to burn rubbish, refuse, or vegetative debris of any kind.

A responsible adult of at least 21 twenty-one years of age must be present at all times during the campfire.

A copy of this permit must be present at the location of the campfire at all times. It is the responsibility of the applicant to clean the fire area of any and all fire debris and litter, making sure to restore the area back to its original natural state.

Failure to comply with the Fire Prevention Code, Section 1.16, set aside by the NFPA, and adopted by the Sanibel Fire & Rescue District, could result in criminal and/or civil penalties.

A “campfire” shall be no larger than 3 three feet in diameter and must be at least 30 thirty feet away from any structure or wooded area.

Water and/or a fire extinguisher must be present and available at all times during the campfire.


If for any reason the Sanibel Fire & Rescue District cancels your campfire permit, a refund of all payments shall be made to the applicant.

The following day, after the dated beach campfire permit, an inspection of the campfire will be done by qualified fire personnel prior to a refund being issued.

Once the site is determined to be “clean” fire personnel will advise the applicant of the refund. In the event the site is not clean after the inspection, the clean-up deposit fee will be deposited and appropriate steps will be made to ensure the area is brought back to its natural state.

The Beach Campfire Permit is a separate authorization from the Open Burning Regulations and should not be considered the same. All beaches within the City of Sanibel boundary are public and this permit is required for any beach area within these limits.