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Residential Knox Box

Residential Knox Box

Sanibel Fire is proud to provide a partnership with Knox Box and enhance the safety of our community with the  Rapid Access System for the homeowner.

Knox® HomeBox™ provides homeowners with the same secure rapid access system that currently protects hundreds of thousands of government and commercial properties in over 13,500 fire jurisdictions across North America for over 40 years. When lives, safety, and property matter, a Knox HomeBox can make all the difference. When seconds matter, count on Knox.

For residential property owners, at-risk residential occupants, and persons responsible for at-risk occupants who need the ability to grant fire departments access to a residential property in an emergency without property damage, Knox® HomeBox™ is the most secure, residential-grade, key safe that is trusted and supported by your local fire department. Unlike “universal” or “realtor” residential-grade boxes that can be opened by anyone who has a common key or PIN, Knox HomeBox is a high security, weather-resistant key safe that can only be accessed by your fire department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide peace of mind and safety to your property, loved ones, and pets.

Homeowner Advantages

  • Helps first responders to enter the home quickly
  • Reduces property damage
  • Makes re-securing accessed property reliable, easier and faster
  • Utilizes the highly secure Knox proprietary key system that is already in place for commercial buildings in your municipality

You may qualify for a temporary loaner box free of charge, call for more information.

Sanibel Fire and Rescue Personnel may assist if necessary with the installation of a residential Knox Box.

Multiple Mounting Options / Colors