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Grill Question

Requirements for Gas Grills in Multi-Family – Apartments

Requirements for the Use and Storage of Grills and LP Cylinders in

Apartments or Condominiums

Cooking on Balconies

The Florida Fire Prevention Code prohibits any cooking:

  •  On a balcony
  •  Under any overhanging portion of a building
  •  Within 10 feet (3m) of any structure
  • Except as below


Storage of LP Gas Cylinders


LP gas cylinders cannot be stored inside any residential units.


The specific code sections are as follows:

NFPA 1 Section For other than one – and two – family dwellings, no hibachi, gas-fire grill,charcoal grill or other similar devices used for cooking, heating or any other purpose, shall be used orkindled on any balcony or under any overhanging portion or within 10 feet (3m) of any structure.

EXCEPTION  NFPA  Listed electric portable, tabletop grills, not to exceed 200 square inches of cooking surface, or other similar apparatus shall be permitted.

NFPA 1 Section For other than one and Two - family dwellings, no hibachi, grill, or other similar device used for cooking shall be stored on balcony.